Alternative to ScraperAPI

MrScraper is the ScraperAPI alternative that's visual, easy to use, affordable and comes with a powerful scheduler and other tools.

Why search for ScraperAPI alternatives?

ScraperAPI is a great API tool for web scraping. But users may find MrScraper a better alternative to ScraperAPI because of the following 3 main reasons:

Visual and easier to use

With MrScraper, you can effortlessly build and schedule powerful web scrapers using a user-friendly visual dashboard accessible with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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Powerful scheduler

Since ScraperAPI is an API only product, you will need to schedule scrapers yourself. With MrScraper you have a built-in and super flexible scheduler.

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Fairer pricing

MrScraper web scrapings are run using real browsers by default and at the same cost, and MrScraper only charges you for the extracted data and not for the features used.

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MrScraper is For non-developers too

MrScraper is more Visual and easier to use

ScraperAPI is an API product, meaning this that you will need to code your part of the code in order to extract the desired data, to schedule the scraper or to parse the results into the desired format.

Yes, ScraperAPI has integrations with no-code platforms, but you still have to understand and craft the API requests on your side.

On the other hand, MrScraper also has an API included, but the main service is a visual and no-code dashboard, where you can setup and schedule web scrapers only using your mouse. No code required.

MrScraper visual dashboard

With MrScraper you can Scrape while you sleep

MrScraper has a Powerful scheduler

Unlike ScraperAPI, which only offers an API service, MrScraper provides a complete no-code toolkit that includes a powerful scheduler.

With just a few clicks, you can schedule your scrapers to run at specific intervals, freeing up time and allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Whether you need your scraper to run once a minute or just on certain days of the week, MrScraper's flexible scheduling options make it easy to meet your needs.

MrScraper scheduler

Don't pay for essentials

MrScraper has a Fairer pricing

ScraperAPI operates on a credit system, where the cost of each scrape is determined by the selected features. While this may be suitable for occasional scraping, the costs can quickly accumulate if you require frequent, powerful scrapers.

In contrast, MrScraper's pricing model is based on tokens charged per extracted data.

This means that all features are included with every scrape, and you are only charged for the actual amount of data extracted. This often results in a lower cost per data ratio compared to ScraperAPI's credit system.

MrScraper pricing

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Frequently asked questions

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How much a scraping costs?

Scrapers use 1 token every 30 seconds of runtime. On average, a scraping run takes 16 seconds, so it typically consumes 1 token per operation.

Can I try the app before committing to a subscription?

Of course! We have a free trial with access to all features. No credit card required.

Can I get help from a real person?

Yes! I'm Kai, the developer behind this app, and I'm personally available to answer any questions or help you get setup. You can send an email, open a ticket or find me on Twitter.

What happens if my scraping fails?

Not to worry! We will make every effort to determine the cause of the problem and assist you in resolving any issues with your scraper.

Additionally, please note that unsuccessful scrapings will not be included in your monthly quota (except for timeouts not caused by an error).

Visual ScraperAPI alternative

No-code and visual dashboard, built-in scheduler, fairer pricing and an always free tier included. Give MrScraper a try!