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Looking for an easy and free way to extract data from HTML? Our HTML data scraper is here to help!

With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily gather the information you need from any HTML content.

Steps to use the HTML data scraper

  1. Paste the HTML content in the textarea.
  2. Add a data extractor and configure what you want to extract.
  3. Your data nicely formatted.

1. Paste your HTML content

This step involves copying the HTML content of the webpage you want to scrape and pasting it into the following textarea. The HTML content is the source code of the webpage, and it contains all the information and elements that make up the webpage.

2. Create data extractors

In this step, you specify which pieces of data you want to extract from the HTML content. This is typically done by using a combination of CSS selectors and/or XPath expressions to select specific elements or attributes in the HTML. You can add multiple extractors to extract different pieces of data.

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3. Extract data from HTML

Once you have added and configured your extractors, you can run the scraper tool to extract the data from the HTML content.

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